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inspections of goods

Thanks to cooperation with partners we make the following inspections in Asia:


Factory Audit and Extensive Factory Audit - audit purpose is to minimize transaction risk by obtaining detailed information about the supplier (such as operating equipment, production capacity and internal quality control systems). We can make a standard audit of the company, which will be done during one man day or an extended audit, which will be done during 2 or 3 days.

Standard factory audit encompasses the factory profile, employees and workforce, equipment and technical facilities, also verification of documents. Extensive Factory Audit also verifies customers, factory’s experience and the history of its activities.

In extensive factory audit attention will be given to such aspects as management system (Design Control, Purchasing Control, Storage Management, Incoming Inspection, Testing of Production Control, Continual Improvement etc.)

During Production Inspection - cares about consistently high product quality throughout the manufacturing process, allowing to make sure that the quality of the batch (near 20% - 30%) is correct, and is according to the specifications and standards.

Under inspection is manufacturing process,  to check are the quality of products corresponding to the declared standards and give information on which stage the order is currently.

Review shall include actual amount of manufactured goods, to avoid delay in delivery. This gives the possibility to modify current production and thus helps to avoid delays

Pre-Shipment Inspection - allows before sending the goods, on the basis of randomly selected products, determine if they comply with the order.

Pre-Shipment Inspection conducts at the moment when production is completed in 100%, and the articles are packed and ready to ship.

All possible on-site tests are made, also checked appearance, quality, safety and functionality, quantity, component assembly, labeling and marking, packaging, and all another tests wich were ordered by the customer.

The team of qualified inspectors checked randomly selected samples according to AQL standard and in accordance with customer specifications and special requirements.

We are working to help the customer make the right decision. If the quality of the product is unsatisfactory, the client can with our help stop the transport process and directly confront the supplier, without any unpleasant surprises after the receipt of goods in the country.


Container Loading Supervision - begins from the loading control in the factory, where the verification of product information comes (quantity, packaging) and supervising the whole process of loading. Even after loading the container is secured by seals, to minimize the risk of substitution the goods.

Container Loading Supervision does not check the quality of the product, but only its quantity and adequate protection during transport. Checking the condition of the container, products, ensure that goods are loaded with all due diligence, we perform a final verification of packaging and check that the goods have been sealed.


Laboratory analysis - current national requirements for different types of products are becoming more stringent. Many countries have developed their own safety regulations. Company, before selling their products, must demonstrate complies with the requirements. We can help our customers also in this area. The tests that we can offer include laboratory analysis of food products, testing toys, gadgets, home appliances, gift items, textiles and clothing.


Defect Sorting Service - the purpose of the Defect Sorting service is to sort out as many products as possible on known issues during the number of man-days allocated. Other checks will not be done during this inspection.

This service will help you to sort out the bad products from the good ones. This service is also an efficient way for you to check if your factory has reworked the products as requested and check the % of defects affecting your shipment.


From each inspection you will receive a detailed report with pictures.