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how does it work

7 steps to success

Step 1. Type of transport

Service supports air shipment with compact dimensions - less than 50 kg and bigger parcels above 50 kg, LCL ocean shipments, as well as full containers with all types and sizes. (More information about the sizes of containers read in the Importer guide)

Step 2. Shipping details

We collect all necessary information about the shipment, weight, size, values ​​that are necessary for the organization of transport. Also specifies the conditions on which it is received. (More information about the conditions you can find in the Importer guide)

Step 3. Shipper information

Basic information about the product supplier, from whom we will pick up the goods, with information of the contact person who operates the whole ordering.


Step 4. Delivery address

Defines the place where goods will be delivered.

Step 5. Total costs

Generates final estimated cost of all transportation charges and all transshipments, customs clearance and documentation fees. These prices may be changed, depending on the pick up date.

Step 6. Customer information

Payer’s information, who will be pay transportation charges.

Step 7. Order

Generates a form in PDF format. If you want to confirm order, this form must be signed and sent to our office by mail or by fax. After making ordering all transport costs will ultimately confirmed. If you have selected additional services, so will be gathered all required information to implement these services and they will be quoted.